Vista RC1 goodness

Slightly off my normal topics, but I wanted to post a quick note about Vista. More of a "datapoint" than a general review.

On the downside, I'm discovering that 1GB of RAM just really isn't enough for what I do with a machine (professionally) these days - between muliple instances of VS, an IE with tons of open tabs, Outlook (and often some Word and Excel docs), somewhere between 2 and 10 command prompts, etc. all open at once, I'm hard pressed for RAM with *any* OS.

Vista does like to complain that I'm using up too much memory.

But, so far, it's just prompted me periodically. It hasn't stopped working, or gotten noticably slower, since the day I booted it. That was eighteen days ago - the day I installed it (this build is just a couple before the official RC1, but out of the RC1 branch). It has updated itself since then, but none of those have required a reboot. I had to restart once or twice the day I installed it (AV software, for example), but all in all, I'm very pleased and extremely satisfied with Vista's uptime performance.

Not that 18 days is a record (by any means), but given that it's reached that far without me even trying, or really paying attention, is noteworthy (IMHO). My goal for uptime is always "I only reboot when there's a reasonable need", and I think Vista will hit that. I'll restart if I change hardware, or if a critical update requires it (and maybe when I go on vacation), but it doesn't look like I'll ever need to otherwise. XPsp2 and 2k3sp1 have both (generally) held up to this standard (XP still tends to need reboots for updates a tad more often than I'd like), and it's good to know that Vista is already establishing the same high bar.