Her kommer mer informasjon om Dynamics CRM Connectoren for AX og NAV


Connectoren gjør det mulig å nyttiggjøre seg av CRM data i AX, NAV og GP rakst og enkelt!


Product Paper: The Dynamics CRM Connector - Features & Functions

Now available on Partnersource and Customersource!

Find out more about providing your customers with 360°business solutions!

We’ve updated the CRM Connector fact sheet, and now have it available on Partnersource and Customersource.

The Dynamics CRM Connector provides the ability to easily combine transactional data from AX, NAV & GP with relational data from Dynamics CRM.

In addition to having over 300 customers live on the Connector, it is now available for AX 2012!

The Connector is an important part of the CRM Attach strategy for including CRM into ERP opportunities (and vice versa) for creating a more holistic, 360 ° solution for our Dynamics customers.

The Connector works with both premise and cloud versions of CRM, and thus is a perfect complement to the broader “All In” cloud strategy. And while it is delivered with templates that support many common business functions, it is extensible to integrate custom xRM and ERP data as well.


Les mer om Dynamics CRM Connector: hhtp://blogs.msdn.com/b/dynamicsconnector/