MSDN: New Documentation update has been released for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE

Good News, the Windows Mobile Content Publishing team has just released a content refresh on MSDN for Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile. Here's a summary of the Highlights:

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2

The April Quarterly Update for CE 6.0 R2 assists customers in implementing new features and using development tools for Windows Embedded CE. The April Quarterly Update highlights the following areas:

  • A scenario for implementing a wireless network projector based on Windows Embedded CE
  • Improved layout and accuracy of content across multiple features to improve readability and quality
  • Standardized “How To” topic format and procedures to provide consistent and easy to follow scenarios
  • Updates to more than 80 topics to address CE 6.0 R2 bugs from both the product team and from customer feedback
  • 14 new or modified 14 “How To” topics to assist customers in development scenarios
  • 4 new scenarios requested by customers to help customers start deploying CE 6.0 R2
  • Updated content for Source file macros, Catalog Editor, RTC/VoIP, IPv6, and BSPs

Windows Mobile 6.1

The update to MSDN for Windows Mobile 6.1 assists customers by providing the following information:

  • Conceptual information to assist customers deploy Mobile Device Manager
  • Mobile VPN content requested by customers
  • Changes on Application Development introduced with Windows Mobile 6.1, including changes to camera and home screen applications
  • Integration of customer feedback

Check it out on MSDN: