New UI Controls are available through Bee Mobile

I just found out about some really cool UI controls for Windows Mobile devices that are available through a company called Bee Mobile, so I thought I’d share them with you.

This first control I’d like to share is a control with touch scrolling support, called iWheel. This control is similar to the wheel control seen in a number of iPhone applications.  The iWheel control is not only limited to picking date or time, developers can set custom items in each cylinder. You can also customize the number of cylinders.


Bee Mobile also provides the following transparency-enabled controls, so you can implement a cool transparency effect in your application:

· TCheckBox

· TLabel

· TForm

· TImageButton

These controls take into account the alpha channel of images in order to give a transparent effect.  The TCheckbox also allows the developer to specify a custom image for the checkbox itself.

You can also create a cool-looking glass button with the transparent image button control.

All the controls provide design-time support, so you can see the same result on your device as you see in your Visual Studio's designer.


Bee Mobile also provides a cool-looking ProgressBar control .You can either customize the color palette used to paint the ProgressBar or you can have it automatically adapt to the current color theme.


Bee Mobile also offers a user-friendly Open/Save dialog control and a ColorPicker set.

All these controls are available for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6. You can download them for free on a trial basis. For more information, visit Bee Mobile’s website at