TechEd EMEA for Developers is coming up next week – visit our Windows Mobile Talks!

PDC is barely over, and we already have TechED EMEA for Developer coming up next week, so some of us are heading over to Barcelona this weekend.

Maarten Struys and I will be giving the following sessions. Please make sure to visit us. Here are the details about our sessions:

Creating Location Aware Applications for Windows Mobile Devices
November 14 10:45 - 12:00
Room 119 (DEV)

More and more Windows Mobile powered devices ship with integrated global positioning system (GPS) hardware. Since Windows Mobile devices are typically used on the road, it makes a lot of sense to add location awareness to your applications. In the upcoming future, Constanze Roman and Maarten Struys foresee location aware applications moving beyond traditional navigation software. Adding location awareness to all kinds of social networking applications could be the next big thing for Windows Mobile devices. In this sample filled session, Constanze and Maarten show you how you can make use of the GPS Intermediate Driver to retrieve GPS information from inside managed applications. You will learn how to use the FakeGPS utility to test location-enabled applications without needing access to a physical GPS device and you will also learn how to feed FakeGPS with your own recorded location information. Of course you will also see a real location-aware application on a Windows Mobile Device in action.

Unit Testing for Devices: The Holy Grail or Something to Use in Your Day-to-Day Work?
November 12 09:00 - 10:15
Room 119 (DEV)

With Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, Unit Testing is now available for device developers as well. Is Unit Testing just a hype or can you increase the quality of your code by creating unit tests? In this sample-filled presentation, Maarten Struys and Constanze Roman explore Unit Testing for Devices. Not only do you learn how to create unit tests for your smart device application, you also learn how to create better applications by taking advantage of unit tests. By attending this session you get even more knowledge. How do you test your unit tests? Learn how to create unit tests for your application, and also find out how to debug your unit tests. Please join us for this fun-filled presentation around unit testing for devices. After attending this session, you can rest assured that your code works as intended.

Programming with State and Notification Broker in Windows Mobile 6.0
November 10 17:45 - 19:00
Room 134

Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile 5.0 powered devices have an incredibly powerful collection of managed APIs. Attend this session to see how State and Notification Broker in Windows Mobile 6 can provide easy access to over 120 different hardware and system states, such as network connectivity and battery power, that are all consistently within reach by managed code. Discover how you can even extend State and Notification Broker by adding your own user-defined states. See how you can use State and Notification Broker to create really smart applications. Learn how to have your application react to state changes in your device and how to start your application automatically when a particular system state changes. Make sure to join Constanze Roman and Maarten Struys for a demo filled session that will teach you how to create better and more efficiently managed applications for Windows Mobile devices.

Also, on Friday, November 14, we’ll be hosting a Panel Discussion on Windows Mobile Application Development. Please make sure to visit us:

Ask the Windows Mobile Panel
November 14 15:15 - 16:30
Room 119 (DEV)

In this panel session, you will have an opportunity to ask the team of Microsoft and community experts any burning questions related to Windows Mobile! Share industry experience, express your opinions and make your wishes known to Microsoft about what you want the future of Windows Mobile to look like. This is a great opportunity to drive dialogue among your peers, Microsoft and our community leads, to clarify technical understanding, provide ideas for moving ahead and just have fun networking with our Windows Mobile gurus.

And last, but not least, make sure to visit us for the Windows Mobile Smackdown on Tuesday, November 11. You’ll get to enjoy some cool demos and other surprises and you’ll even have a change to win some fun prizes. Here’s the info:

Windows Mobile Smackdown!

November 11 13:30 - 14:45
Room 114 

Do you have a Windows Mobile device? Ever wondered what else you can do with it apart from Email and talking to someone? Take a look at some of the coolest demos from the huge list of applications that exist for the Windows Mobile phone today. This will be a high-energy, fun session with lots of SWAGs and giveaways!

As always, we ask you to submit feedback on the sessions you attend, you may even have the chance to win a HTC Touch Dual phone by doing so!

C U in Barcelona!