TfsAlert and Security

After releasing TfsAlert I realized I'd failed to mention how security works.  BIG OPPS, Sorry!!!  TfsAlert will not get into the business of managing your user account.  Windows already provides such a facility and I believe leveraging that is just a better more secure choice.  However TfsAlert will maintain knowledge about your TfsUserName.  It does so to properly create the Tfs event subscription.  Having said that you still need to properly authenticate just to subscribe, no different than any of the other Tfs tools.

So how do we manage security?  Simple, we just add the server\username \ password into Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Manage User Accounts -> Advanced -> Manage Passwords.   I do realize this may be shut down by a companies GPO but if not we have found this to work very nicely.  If your one of those people ( like I ) who use multiple Tfs servers at a variety of locations you would always be prompted for your credentials just to start up the IDE.  This all goes away once your account is loaded into that Windows facility.