Not Like the Others: Challenge 18: Hint

OK, so here’s the deal. One of the two authors of the Lync Server PowerShell blog always works at home on Fridays. (Well, OK: she always “works” at home on Fridays.) Today happens to be a Thursday, but she decided to work at home anyway. Well, needless to say, that meant everyone who works here at the Lync Server PowerShell blog assumed that today must be Friday; after all, only one of us is actually in the office today. And seeing as how today must be Friday, that means there was no reason to post a hint to this week’s Lync Server PowerShell challenge. Hey, who posts a hint to the challenge on a Friday?


On the other hand, it is traditional to post a hint on a Thursday. In other words:


You could order it online, or just pick it up at the local store.


Oh, well. Better late than never, right?



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