How to edit the content and HTML in a content-web-part in SharePoint 2010

Thought this may interest some of you (plus, I use it sometimes in my blog posts)..

Step 1: Add a content part

Click on the “Add Part” when in design mode in a web-part page and choose from Category “Media and content” and from “web parts” choose “Content Editor”:


Then click the “Add” button on the far right.

Step 2: Optional - edit the content by clicking on the "click here" text under the chrome. 

Once added, you are presented with the ability to start editing content:


Step 3: Edit the HTML

You can type whatever you want – as you click in there, two context-sensitive ribbon bars will appear:


Using these, you can format the things you are typing (font size, bold,etc). You can also use the “HTML” button at the right to edit the HTML:


Clicking on that, gives you a menu, choosing “Edit HTML source” will bring up a simple text editor you can use:


And that’s it!