Summary – new programmability capabilities in Excel Services

The last 20 posts or so on the blog discussed the new Excel Services programmability capabilities – I went into detail on most of them. I hope I was able to convey some of the new and exciting (I am allowed to use this word when I really believe it!) capabilities we built into Excel Services 2010.

Here’s a short summary of the recent posts by category:



Workbook content discovery with REST

Ranges + More discovery

REST basics

Advanced REST capabilities – parameterization

How to seamlessly embed data from Excel Services spreadsheets into Word

REST Limitations

Excel Services gadget: Parts One, Two and Three

Coding the Excel Services Gadget: Parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five

JavaScript OM

Introduction: Parts One, Two and Three

Excel Web Services

What’s new

Opening a workbook for editing (+collab)

Setting parameters in a workbook

What’s next for the blog..

I have a few more interesting tid-bits (mostly examples on how to use the technology that was so far described) that I want to share, but some of them are not yet ready. The next few posts will be about an “application” called “Something Interesting” which allows users to specify interesting locations/views on their workbooks and publish those for others to consume.

After that, I will post about the “Restplorer” – a user-friendly mechanism for getting and embedding REST URLs and data. Stay tuned.