5 Things you don't know about me... I've been tagged.

Ok, Ok, I better get in on the action as well. Seems like the rest of the world has been tagged so here is my contribution to the 5 things you may not know about me... thanks Mick Badran and Graham Elliott for the pleasure ;-) So in no particular order:

1. In my late teens / early 20's I played guitar in a band called the FIGURES that supported Dennis Walter and Karen Knowles (local Australian Celebrity's)! Hmmm... doing the RSL circuit at that time in my life was ummm... inspiring?? I am also a U2 music lover and used to be able to play every single one of their songs on guitar off the top of my head!

2. I have been playing competitive pool (billiards) since I was 18 years old (for 16 years now) but am likely to give it a break for a while now. Had my run ;-)

3. I was an uncle at 9 years old! I have two older brothers... one of them (Lou) is 18 years older than me and he and my sister-in-law had their first child when I was only nine! (I now have eight nephews / nieces!)

4. Although I was born and bred in Australia, Vidotto is of Italian heritage (mum and dad were born in Italy)and I speak somewhat fluent Italian ;-) Another tidbit - Interestingly as well, I found our later in life that my dad actually married my mum via proxy! Mum and Dad met in Italy, then Dad came to Australia for a better life and wanted to bring mum over of course (they were not married at that stage) - so they held a wedding via proxy (mum in Italy and Dad in Australia) where they had a ceremony and all (but my dad's brother stepped in for the wedding!) - That's where the conversation stops - no lude remarks please!

5. Some of my most memorable moments in life so far - spending time with my mum as a kid (she passed away when I was 10), birth of my beautiful kids, my wedding day and wife Jeynelle, making wine and tomato salsa with my dad, winning sporting grandfinals (I love playing team sports!)


Anyway, your next! Enjoy.