Do you want to create a "Web Form" from an "InfoPath Form"?!

One of the most common questions I get when I talk to people about InfoPath is how can I publish the Infopath forms to the web so only people with a browser can interact with them?! As you may or may not know, Infopath for us is an office client application (similair to word or excel) so in order to view Infopath forms today you need access to the client.


So, what about if we could give you a short cut that helped you take an InfoPath form that you have already developed in the business and create a web form for it? It's a product developed by a company here in Australia called Uniqueworld, and that product is called InfoView. Version 2.0 of InfoView has just been released. The GM for the Software division is an ex Microsofter and a good friend of mine Christophe Dumonet and well respected in the community.


So for a quick summary of InfoView check out the web site (I've copied a short section here).


InfoView is a tool to create web forms from Microsoft InfoPath forms.


With InfoView your organization can:

  • Publish InfoPath forms to the web - providing external users who do not have InfoPath on their desktops the same rich and dynamic user experience of InfoPath forms with web forms
  • Leverage XML standards to capture data via web forms and route data into back-end systems with no manual operation

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