Feb 2006 - BizTalk 2006 WorkShop (Training) in Melb and Sydney

Our Microsoft Readiness team has informed me of some more upcoming BizTalk 2006 Training to be held in Melbourne and Sydney. It’s titled the;

Connected Systems & Integration (Biztalk 2006) workshop

It’s being held in Sydney on: 22-24 Feb, 2006

It’s being held in Melbourne on: 27Feb – 1st Mar, 2006 

Cost is only $650

Check it out here: https://www.local.microsoft.com.au/australia/events/register/home.aspx?levent=214513&linvitation


Learn about the new features of the upcoming BizTalk Server 2006 release (and beyond).

Learn about new solutions for implementing Microsoft based workflow solutions.

Learn about taking Web services to the next level with the WCF framework.

Workshop Outline:

This 3 day technical workshop will focus on giving attendees an in-depth hands-on experience with BizTalk 2006.

The workshop will also highlight the new features and enhancements found in BizTalk 2006.

Attendees will also be able to learn about the new offerings in Microsoft Windows Workflow, and Microsoft Communications Foundation (aka Indigo)

The labs will focus on building systems that combine these technologies together.

Importantly - attendees will gain an understanding in which Microsoft Integration Technology to use in what scenario.

This workshop will be fast paced and technical in nature.

Target Audience: It is preferable that attendees have exposure to BizTalk 2004 and have .NET development experience.

  1. Integration Technologies from Microsoft - When to use what - covers all the integration technologies from Microsoft in a 'Hello World Space'. Gives an introduction to each of the following technologies

    1. Microsoft BTS 2006
    2. MSMQ
    3. SQL Server Integration Services
    4. SQL Server Broker Services
    5. Indigo
    6. Host Integration Server
      At this point Partners should be familiar with the above technologies and more importantly, when to use each of the above towards a solution.
  2. BTS 2006 Overview - discussion on what it is and new features

    1. Schema Improvements in BTS 2006, specifically using the Flat File Schema Wizard
    2. Messaging Enhancements in BTS 2006
    3. Core Engine Enhancements in BTS 2006
    4. Examining BizTalk Adapters in BTS 2006 - POP3, SPS, SMTP etc.
    5. BizTalk 2006 Adapter Creation Lab (lab focused here)
    6. Deploying and Managing BTS 2006 solutions - Admin improvements discussed here
    7. BTS 2006 - Business Activity Monitoring - the icing on the cake, and extending this environment to custom components and related WebServices.
    8. BizTalk Architecture & Capacity Planning of BTS 2006 Solutions
  3. Indigo - Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

    1. A lap around WCF
    2. Writing reliable transacted apps with Indigo
    3. BizTalk interoperability with Indigo
  4. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

    1. Where and when to use WF and when not to.
    2. An introduction to WF
    3. State machine workflows
    4. Developing Custom Activities for WF - this includes using Communications Foundation (aka. Indigo) in WF
    5. Advanced Workflow Hosting Services
    6. Building Workflow Authoring & Monitoring Tools for WF workflows