This past weekend, I got to go diving at Sunrise Beach in Gig Harbor.

That, in and of itself, would merit an "ahhh..." normally - Sunrise is my favorite dive site in Puget Sound - but even better, last Friday I finally got around to insuring my new camera (through the Divers Alert Network's equipment insurance).  That means I got to take my Canon 20D diving with me, in its Ikelite housing.  It's been months since I took the camera diving - and actually, I lost the pictures from my last dive when my laptop was stolen, so my last dive pictures are from November.  It's been nice diving for a while without the camera too, but it was great to take pictures underwater again.

Great couple of dives with my buddy Don Miller - I managed to plan them just right (a challenge at Sunrise, but I've done well so far).

Some of the pictures are on my Flickr feed; most of the good ones will go on my PBase gallery as soon as I sort and rate them.