Braces again.

I seem to have two sets of people reading my blog - the people who know me from web work, and those who found this blog because I've occasionally posted about getting braces on my teeth in my mid-30s.  This post is for the latter.

 Danielle - in my experience, the pain (at least, the "I don't even want to eat" pain) goes away after a few days - maybe a week the first time, and re-occurs for a couple of days after every time I get my braces adjusted.

My appointment yesterday was good - because I continue to get the "your teeth are doing great, everything's moving along really well" - and bad, because I got rubber bands.  I have a slight underbite - this was part of the teeth-wearing problem to begin with - and rather than having jaw surgery (eek!), I now have bands that pull my lower jaw back.  They're rather uncomfortable, but I've only had them for 24 hours so far.  We'll see how they are next week.

They are helping my diet, though, because it's hard to eat without taking them out, and a bit of a pain to put them back in - so I don't snack as much.  :)