Aaaaaaah! Demon Llama!!

I've had a couple of people ask me about the pictures in the "pictures of me" section of the page. Most people get one of them, but are quite confused on the other. I got asked if it was a dog, or a cow, or some kind of teddy bear. In actuality it's none of those things. This was just life throwing me some sort of strange message. I was in MistressFizz's room late one night just hanging out and I happened to flip through a time magazine that was in her room. Lo an behold, on the last page what did I find but this article.

Imagine my shock when i read this:

The protector of Weed's sheep is a six-year-old llama named Cyrus , an animal best known for its thick, shaggy coat and its agility on narrow alpine trails. Here on the flatland expanse at the base of the snow-capped Bridger Mountains, the brown and white beast walks guard duty amid a sea of much smaller brown and white woolly bodies. Deceptively spry despite his goofy appearance, the llama struts and shuffles among the flock, craning his head from one side of the field to another while occasionally stopping to munch on grass clumps in the crusty, frozen earth. Cyrus' presence is intimidating enough to chase off some of the coyotes. Or maybe he kicks at the attackers or swings at them with his long, trunklike neck. Weed is not sure since she has never seen a confrontation. "All I know is that without him, I would have lost dozens of sheep."

Jaw dropped to the floor. This was it, I'd finally found my Spirit Animal and there were obviously cosmic forces at work here. I promptly scanned the page in from teh article, and this has been my avatar ever since.

You can see the full picutre that I got it from here (since it's not included in the online version of the time article):

Demon llama!