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Ok Alex, I'll take "Anime movies or series containing 'Blue'" for $200

Alex: This 1997 psychological thriller featured a pop singer turned actress' life turn nightmare when she is haunted by an obsessed fan and the shattered remains of her past

Me: What is "Perfect Blue"?

Alex: Correct, next?

Me: 'Blue' Anime for $400

Alex: 1992 start of a series where supernatral sex ninjas duke ...

Me (*interruupting*): What is 'La Blue Girl'?

Alex: Correct, next?

Me: 'Blue' Anime for $600

Alex: Teen anime where the heroine Maia must perform dangerous jobs on a world whose icecaps have melted:

Me: What is 'Brilliant Blue'?

Alex: Correct, next?

Me: keep on going for $800

Alex: This sucktastic anime ...

Me (*interrupting*): What is 'Sky Blue'?

Alex: Grrr... I'm not done yet.  Released in 2003, this korean Anime was unbelievably awful.  Combining an incredibly boring and uninthralling storyline with characters for whom you wished the cold touch of death would release them from your presense..

Me (*interrupting*): What is 'Sky Blue'?

Alex: Grrr... I'm not done yet.  The directory, who has no sense of timing or pacing, chose to intermix a minute of action with a minute of boredom over and over again.  And, for the first time this move beat out Star Wars: Atack of the Clones for "worst love story dialogue". After seeing this movie you felt the need to acost the theater and demand your money back.  But alas they had beaten a hasty retreat compfortable with the knowledge that they'd stolen your money and subjected you to abject torture.  What appeared to be an interesting premise ended up being a shallow, simplistic, nonsensical plot that screamed "i've given up and i really could care less about making a good movie.  Instead, i'm going to steal the basic elements of Highlander, Bladerunner and Akira... oh, but i'm going to leave out 'the good". 

Me: What is 'Sky Blue: Worst Anime ever with Blue in the title'?

Alex: You are correct!