I hate my DNA

It's all like twisty and stuff, and has far too much cytosine and not enough adenine.  It holds me back and it's been driving my nuts recently.

Oh wait... no, I love my DNA.  It's a marvel of engineering and I'm constantly having to fight off the biomed companies from trying to steal it and clone an army of Me's for themselves.

What I hate is my NDA.  It's a piece of paper that (summarized) says that if i talk about stuff here that I'm not allowed to talk about then a black hole will open up in my office and I'll end up spending the rest of my life on planet filled with members of various cartoons from my youth (Snarf!!). 

Sigh... communication and silence are a tough thing to balance.  It's especially difficult when there's something you are Super Excited © about but you can talk about it until it's announced.

Oh well.  Hopefully soon this dog will be unmuzzled and allowed to howl at the moon.