It's not fair!!

I'm on the C# team, but Eric is going to be coding C# for work before I get to!!  Not only that, but he'll be getting to work on Longhorn features.  <british>bastahd!</british>

It's also pretty cool that he started out as QA (hard), then went to PM (easy) and is now going to be a Dev (hard).  I used to think that as you got older you would become weaker and ineffectual, but clearly that is not the case here.  Rather than sticking with the easy job of being a PM Eric is taking on new challenges head on.

I was upset about this at first... but then I started thinking that it was good thing.  When I've been with the same group for 5 years and I'm totally sick of them (especially the new hot shot devs on the team (man they're annoying!)) now I'll know people in cool places in the company that I can run too :-)


Edit: I just realized something.  Back when I was an intern one of my first encounters with eric was through a flamewar with him over checked exceptions in c# and .NET.   I was passionate and he was patient (sound like a Jane Austin novel doesn't it!).  Luckily it looks like I didn't piss him off because I'm still here, but I'm still upset about this issue and I'd love to see it changed.  Now maybe that he's gone i'll have my chance <evil>mwuhahahaha</evil> ;-)