Murphy's law

Well, I'm pretty sure all of Seattle hates me right now.  I woke up yesterday and decided it would be a good idea to get to all the cleaning I've been meaning to do.  My roommate's internship just finished and I figured now was a good time to get everything back since he wouldn't be around anymore to make a mess out of it all.  This didn't just have to do with my apartment by my car as well (which looks like a tornado hit it).  After filling the tires, checking the engine and cleaning out all the accumulated crap I thought "hey, i've done this much might as well get a wash since it hasn't had one in like a year."   I went for the "bear care" special, the most expensive on the menu (hey, i love my car, and it deserves it for 10 years of great driving).  Oh the hubris.  The gods certainly decided to punish me for my insolence.   A little less than 2 hours later the thickest darkest clouds filled the sky and it just unloaded on me.  And it hasn't stopped since.  I'd forgotten what Seattle winters are like but it's clear that I have brought them back upon us all.  I'm so sorry!