New blog system complaint

I received this from one of my readers:


"It looks like readers are now required to create an account and log in before they can post comments. I'm a regular reader of your blog and of blogs.msdn in general, but I nearly always comment anonymously because I've seen how my old usenet posts from ten years ago still pop up on google searches (I often send an email to the blog owner in case they want to contact me about the post).

Microsoft currently has two groups of developers that feel their voices have been ignored (VB6 devs and small devs/consultants unhappy with VSTS). I find it hard to believe that requiring people to log in will improve communications. I think what it will do to others is what it is doing to me, namely, causing me to stop posting comments to blogs.msdn.

If you want feedback from the community, you have to allow the community to interact with you on their terms. 

I consider myself a big fan of Microsoft. I used to say I'd drunk the Microsoft kool-aid more deeply than anyone I knew, but after watching VB6, VSTS, and now seeing that the borg wants to track all my posts, well, lets just say that kool-aid doesn't taste nearly as sweet as it did a month or two ago."


I'm going to check in on this to see what's up.  I'm certainly fine with receiving anonymous messages.  It's possible that this is to combat the enormous amount of blog spam that we've been getting, but i don't know for sure.