OMG! 4pple iz TEH HUGE! + (P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-PowerBooks!!)

I just had a disturbing realization while talking to Mikey.  I was trying to convince him to buy me one of the new apple 30inch monitors, and he fine with that idea as long as I bought him one in return.  During the conversation about how sexy these things were (size does matter!), i noted that the new flatscreen was equivalent in size to 4 of our PowerBooks' screens put together.  I mocked up an image to see what that was like and it blew my mind:


4 powerbooks vs. 30inchscreen

It really gives you a sense of how frigging huge these things are.  I'm hoping they'll be available at Fry's soon just so I can bask in their loving glow.

PS: Have you see how small the apple menu bar is at the top of that screen.  I'm hoping Tiger will have some facility for scaling up the UI so that you will actually be able to read and work with the regular screen widgets.  I'm guessing that the dock is scaled to the max in order to even get it to that level of usability.