How much does a Developer Evangelist travel?

Some Developer Evangelists (DE’s) do not travel very much and are assigned to a single city, or a part of a city. However most DE’s do a fair bit of traveling but usually by car or train. DE’s with bigger territories like those in my region typically travel more. I travel even more because of the huge territory (Did you know I cover 10 time zones and 4 continents?) and because I’m a regional DE.

But there is also a humorous side to it. Have you ever had your credit card call you because you were traveling and their computer flagged this as abnormal and they just wanted to make sure your credit card had not been stolen? My credit card companies call me if they see charges from the same country on too many consecutive days. They wonder if my credit card was stolen and left behind.

Have you ever sent someone an e-mail and received an auto reply saying that they are currently out of the office and will be back in a week and contact so and so? I used to set those out of office messages too each week or so, but now I am thinking of simply not using them an instead setting an auto reply for “In the office notification.” This would be easier on me for sure, I would only have to set it a few times a year. Maybe something like this:

 Chad is NOW in the office. I repeat, 
Chad is IN the office. Reply now,
because it won't last long.