Microsoft at the 2009 CMA Music Festival

Microsoft and the Country Music Association are partnering on bridging the cultural divide between the country music world and the world of technology, this week at the 2009 Country Music Association (CMA) Music Festival. Microsoft will be showcasing cutting edge technology few outside the tech industry have seen – including Silverlight with DeepZoom technology and Microsoft Tag.

This is one of the places where Microsoft Tag is being used in a large scale application of digitally “enhanced reality” where the physical world in tied to online assets in meaningful and significant ways. For more information on Tag, see my previous blog post -

At the festival in Nashville:

  • “Cell Journalists” using Windows Mobile - Attendees can participate in the event by acting as cell journalists. Using Windows mobile or other cell phone cameras, pictures taken from the event are automatically uploaded to a shared server hosted by ASP.NET and displayed throughout the event – including the Jumbotron.  Windows Mobile users will have a customized, high-end experience
  • “Where am I” using Microsoft Tag and Virtual Earth - Attendees will be able to scan signs located throughout the venues to learn more about the physical environment and what’s happening around them.  Their location will also be mapped via Virtual Earth (Bing Maps) making the task of navigating the enormous number of venues easy and convenient for festival attendees
  • “Tag Hunter” using Microsoft Tag - an event wide contest which will be distributed event wide by a legion CMA “Fun Squad” members. Attendees can scan these Tag Hunter cards and find out immediately if have a winning tag!
  • “Technology Booths” showcasing Microsoft Surface, Xbox 360, and IE8 – Attendees can drop by Microsoft booths available onsite at the festival, to check email, browse the web, and to check the festival schedule and venue information, etc. In addition, to test drive two Surface tables with a jukebox application, and in-person visits by performing artists. And of course, play the Xbox 360 RockBand Country Track Pack from MTV!

And online:

  • “Be This Close” using Silverlight DeepZoom - interactive search game (available on 6/11)
  • “Cell Journalists” ASP.NET photo sharing website


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