Bing – Search Overload is Over

You may or may not have heard of Bing yet. No…it’s “not just an expensive piece of equipment that only goes ‘Bing’,” it’s Microsoft’s newest search decision engine. It does a lot things a traditional search engine does, but it also does a really good job trying to put more context around the search as well.

I recently rode my bike in the LA Acura Bike Tour was trying to remember how long a marathon was. So I type the following in IE’s search field and this is what showed up:


I’ve seen this kind of behavior in the Search toolbar from Google and Yahoo, but the fact that this showed up in the browser’s Search dropdown is slick because I don’t have to rely on another toolbar in my browser.

The press has been pretty favorable to Bing. The screen is pretty simple. It doesn’t try to be a portal like how so many search engine pages became. I you look towards the bottom of the page, you will see some of the more popular searches people have been entering into Bing.


Here’s a short video on how Bing tries to be answer to “search overload”. FWIW…You’re still going to get a level of “garbage in, garbage out,” but Bing will help you sift through it a lot easier.

So go Bing…and decide.


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