eBook: pnp-Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance (Beta 2)

ATE_smallThe Patterns & Practices Group recently released the Beta 2 version of their Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance book (Vol 1) out on CodePlex.

I haven’t had a chance to read it cover to cover yet, but it does appear to capture a lot of the main concepts about testing scenarios:

  • How to Plan for Acceptance Testing
  • What Kinds of Acceptance Tests to Run
  • How to Create and Run Acceptance Tests
  • Defining What “Done” Means
  • How to Justify Your Approach
  • How to Streamline Your Acceptance Process

The authors are definitely interested in your feedback. So if you had questions or feedback about the content, you can go the book’s site and offer feedback in the Discussion forum or even the Issue Tracker section.

Happy testing!


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