Free Book Download: Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista

Microsoft Press is celebrating 25 years of publishing books focused on helping people "take their skills and knowledge to the next level." With that celebration, they are offering a "Free e-Book of the Month" and this month, they are offering Michael Howard's book, Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista.

Michael Howard is one of Microsoft's Principal Security Program Manager and he series editor for a number of Secure Computing books for Microsoft Press.

To get the book, you'll need to sign up for the Microsoft Press Book Connection Newsletter for notification of offers. Once you sign up, you'll be given the link to download the PDF.

You may be saying/thinking "we're not developing for Windows Vista. That's okay, because the principles covered in the book are good topics that you should be aware of regardless of the operating systems you're targeting. Each chapter covers a specific topic with a Call to Action section and references.

Writing secure applications is not just something you should consider when writing to Web applications. It should also be thought about with your client-based applications as well. The last thing you want is someone to break into your applications and gain access to your corporate data.


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