Pre-Release of VS Lab Management 2010 on VHD

Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 is an integrated toolset for development and testing teams that enables them to setup/tear down and restore virtual environments to known states for build automation and test execution.

You might be saying to yourself that setting up and tearing down virtual machines is easy, and you’d be right. But what doing that with virtual environments where you might have an app server, database server, and web server? Try deploying a build to that environment, test the build on the environment, take a snapshot of the environment if problems are found, roll everything back, rinse and repeat? Not so easy anymore. This is where a product like Lab Management 2010 really become useful.

To evaluate this product, the product team has made available a pre-release version of Lab Management 2010 in a pre-configured Hyper-V based virtual machine (VM). You can download it here.

The VM contacts a pre-configured System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), Visual Studio 2010, and Team Foundation Server 2010 with Lab Management enabled. It also comes with documentation on how to import VMs, and configure an internal virtual networks, etc., as well as a number of walk-through scenarios so you can how this product is intended to be used.

I recommend you take a look at the Visual Studio Lab Management Team Blog site for more information about this pre-release.

If you don’t have a system with at least 8GB of memory, I don’t recommend you trying it. Trust on this one.


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