Upcoming ALM Webcasts from Neudesic

One of our ALM partners, Neudesic, has announced a series of free webcasts in support of the recent Visual Studio 2012 launch.

October 30th Scrum and Agile Management with Visual Studio 2012
Presented by Clementino de Mendonca

Find out how Visual Studio has become the tool of choice to manage your Scrum projects, and how it stands out of the way allowing you to do Agile in your own terms instead of forcing you to adapt your development process to a tool. We will take a tour on how you can enact Scrum best practices and cycles, allowing the team to always have a clear picture of Done should look like at the end of a sprint through using Team Foundation Server as a team communication hub.

November 1st Requirements and Stortyboarding in the Visual Studio 2012
Presented by William Salazar

Many teams use mockups or storyboards to describe general application appearance and flow.  This session will demonstrate new features in Visual Studio 2012 that support creating, presenting and maturing storyboards using tools you already know. And then we’ll show how this process fits into the rest of your application’s lifecycle.

November 6th – Creating a Branch Strategy, what it is, why you need one, and how you get started
Presented by Clementino de Mendonca

Do you know for sure which code base snapshot in your source control system matches what is in production? What is the best strategy to manage source code for team members working in parallel in different features? In this talk we will take a look at creating branching strategies that answer these and other questions, and allow you to balance simplicity, isolation, and speed in your software development efforts.

November 8th – DevOps: Integrating Operations for Continuous Delivery
Presented by William Salazar

Integrating Development and Operations teams deeply using new practices and tools is critical to delivering on the promise of shorter cycle times, improved mean time to repair, and increased business value that all companies that build software want to fulfill. Organizations that use practices and tools to integrate development and operations can significantly speed up their Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process and enable continuous delivery of software to their customers, whether internal or external. Developers and Operations engineers are increasingly working closer together to maintain always on services. Visual Studio 2012 with System Center 2012 give developers and operations the tools to work seamlessly together to reduce the mean time to repair for defects in production applications.

Learn about some of the newest features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and System Center 2012, including:

  • Features to help improve the interactions between development and operations, creating better, integrated workflows
  • New lab management tools that allow teams to quickly spin up an advanced Build-Deploy-Test infrastructure
  • Deployment management features such as support for multiple package types, virtual machine management, automated deployment to private and public clouds
  • Integrated production monitoring and diagnostics tools


November 14th – Collecting Actionable Feedback with Visual Studio
Presented by Clementino de Mendonca

Most teams collect feedback from customers in one way or another but it fails to trickle down as something that developers can use to improve the product. See how Visual Studio can help you capture, structure and tie feedback into your existing development efforts with Microsoft Feedback Client, allowing you to provide actionable starting points for your development and testing efforts. REGISTER TODAY!

November 15th – Developer Testing with Visual Studios
Presented by William Salazar

From the ground up, the developer testing experience in Visual Studio 2012 was designed to allow developers to focus on their code and avoid unnecessary distractions. Test Explorer is now easily extended, allowing you to add third-party testing frameworks in addition to those shipped with Visual Studio. Visual Studio also includes the new Fakes framework to let developers create fast running and isolated unit tests. In this session, we will review the new developer testing experience in the context of a typical day-to-day workflow, showing how these features will help you quickly write better quality code.

November 27th – Improving Small Team Productivity with Team Foundation Server
Presented by Clementino de Mendonca

Team members in smaller teams have always had to wear multiple hats: talk to customer, develop, test, talk to customer, fix bugs, retest, talk to customer, deploy… did I forget to mention you also have to plan your releases?  No way you can do this without some automation. Visual Studio 2012 is the suite that will boost your productivity to the max by augmenting your skills with powerful tools that will help you trace your way out of a development cycle labyrinth.

November 29th – Making Developers More Productive with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Presented by William Salazar

In this session, we will talk about those “fit-and-finish” scenarios in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 which will make developers more productive as they write code and collaborate with other team members. You’ll find out about the new integrated code reviews; the new “My Work” experience for managing your active tasks; and once you’re “in the zone” Visual Studio will now help you stay focused on the task at hand, no matter how much you’re randomized, with a new suspend/resume experience. You’ll also find out how to work offline seamlessly, how the new merging experience works, and how you can more easily find work items.