Updated Windows Azure Platform Training Kit Available

In case you missed the announcement, I know I did, we made a new Azure Platform Training Kit available on Dec 23.

December Training Kit Contents:

Hands On Labs

  • Introduction to Windows Azure
  • Exploring Windows Azure Storage
  • Deploying and Monitoring Applications in Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure: Worker Role Communication
  • Federated Authentication in a Windows Azure Web Role Application
  • Building ASP.NET Web Form Applications with Windows Azure
  • Introduction to SQL Azure
  • Migrating Databases to SQL Azure
  • SQL Azure: Tips and Tricks
  • Intro to Dallas
  • Introduction to the .NET Service Bus
  • Introduction to the .NET Access Control Service
  • Service Remoting with Service Bus
  • Eventing with the Service Bus

Presentations and Videos

  • Windows Azure Platform Overview (C9 - VIDEO)
  • What is Windows Azure? (C9 - VIDEO)
  • Windows Azure Storage Overview (C9 - VIDEO)
  • Deploying Applications on Windows Azure (C9 - VIDEO)
  • Windows Azure Compute (C9 - VIDEO)
  • Introduction to Windows Azure (PPTX)
  • Building Services with Windows Azure (PPTX)
  • What is SQL Azure? (C9 - VIDEO)
  • Introduction to SQL Azure (PPTX)
  • Building Applications using SQL Azure (PPTX)
  • Scaling out with SQL Azure  (PPTX)
  • What is Microsoft Codename "Dallas"? (C9 - VIDEO)
  • Introduction to Microsoft Codename "Dallas" (PPTX)
  • What is the Access Control Service (C9 - VIDEO)
  • Introduction to the Service Bus (C9 - VIDEO)


  • Deploying Windows Azure Services
  • Hello Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure Guestbook Demo
  • Windows Azure Logging and Configuration Demo
  • Windows Azure using Blobs Demo
  • Windows Azure Worker Role Demo
  • Windows Azure Using Queues Demo
  • Windows Azure Using Tables Demo
  • Preparing your SQL Azure Account
  • Connecting to SQL Azure
  • Managing Logins and Security in SQL Azure
  • Creating Objects in SQL Azure
  • Migrating a Database Schema to SQL Azure
  • Moving Data Into and Out Of SQL Azure using SSIS
  • Building a Simple SQL Azure App
  • Scaling Out SQL Azure with Database Sharding
  • AppFabric Service Bus Direct Connection Demo
  • AppFabric Service Bus webHttpRelayBinding
  • AppFabric Service Bus Publish and Subscribe
  • AppFabric Service Bus Service Registry
  • AppFabric Service Bus NetOneWayRelayBinding

In January, my team will be hosting an Azure Developers Day in Denver and New York City on January 20 and 27, 2010, respectively. I’ll have registration links in my next post.

Until then…Excelsior!

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