Useful Links: Testing using VS 2008 Test Edition

The following links may be useful for people wanting to know more about how to test their application with Visual Studio 2008 Test Edition:

Using Fiddler ( to record VSTS web Tests

What’s new with web services in Silverlight 3 Beta

Debugging Web Service Usage in Silverlight 2

The other way to see how your application scales is to write unit tests to test your Web Service facades. See the following article: Testing Web Services

Visual Studio Test 2008 Test Rigs

Tips for Recording Web Tests with Team System 2008

VSTS 2008 Data-Driven Web Tests

A really good video to see VS Test Edition capabilities can be found here:

patterns & practices Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications

A very comprehensive book on Visual Studio 2005 Test Edition that is now at bargain price.:
Professional Software Testing with Visual Studio 2005 Team System- Tools for Software Developers
[Note: Even though it’s focused on VS 2005 Test Edition, a lot of what’s covered in this book can be carried over to VS 2008 Test Edition.]