Webcast: Brian Harry - Visual Studio Team System 2010, April 30th 2009

The Linked .NET Users Group (http://www.lidnug.org) which has over 20,000 uses on LinkedIn and targeted for professionals using or interested in Microsoft .NET technologies and the C# language in particular, will be holding a virtual user group meeting on April 30 with Brian Harry focused on VSTS 2010.

Brian Harry is a Microsoft Technical Fellow who is the Product Unit Manager for TFS, and has been working on TFS since its inception in 2002.

He has plenty of experience in working with source control systems - prior to working on TFS he formed One Tree Software back in 1992 and developed SourceSafe, which ended up becoming part of the Microsoft product set in 1994. Brian also worked as Developer Manager of the CLR from the initial creation of the .NET framework through v1.1.

The content of this event will be covering the new features of TFS 2010 (codename Rosario) and what benefits it will bring to software development and project management.


· 1 ReSharper license per 25 attendees - Courtesy of JetBrains

· 1 Nevron Developer License - Courtesy of Nevron

· 1 year full subscription to InnerWorkings catalog - Courtesy of InnerWorkings (valued at approx. $2500)

Registration Link: http://events.linkedin.com/LIDNUG-Brian-Harry-Visual-Studio-Team/pub/54208

vCalendar link can be found here: http://www.lidnug.org/getdoc/36abe592-94ac-4263-b6e9-2a6665c55251/LIDNUG---Brian-Harry---Visual-Studio-Team-System-2.aspx

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