Asus Windows CE PND sports heads-up display

I can’t wait to see one of these in action in person…I’m willing to beta test :-)

Asus announced a "revolutionary" Windows CE PND (personal navigation device)  that projects directions, speed, and other information onto a car windshield. In addition to its HUD (heads up display), the "R710" includes a five-inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, a microSD expansion slot, plus A/V playback, says Asus.

Touting the R710 as the "world's first PND with PathFinder HUD technology," Asus says that the R710 makes an important contribution to safety, since drivers no longer need look away from the road to get navigational information. With traditional PNDs, it can take between one and two seconds for a driver's field of vision to adjust as their eyes move back and forth, the company claims.

Windows CE PND sports heads-up display