Matlab to OneNote

Ran across this OneNote PowerToy on Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog that allows you to output Matlab to OneNote - really cool - allows you to capture your process in one place.

Matlab to OneNote - Thanks to Stephen Lawrence 

I just got an email from Stephen Lawrence who shared with me a Matlab app/script which will publish to OneNote.  For example say you have the following in Matalb:

fprintf('Hello World\n');

And then you wanted to publish it to OneNote, you can with just this one command:


Steve explains it all here:

I took your Send file to OneNote powertoy code and adapted it for Matlab. I have attached my code below so that you can get an idea of how it works.

I had to switch from creating Matlab XML to Matlab HTML...the result works well. All I had to do to publish my file in OneNote was type:


in the command window.I got the resulting page:


You can download the source for this by downloading it here: Matlab2OneNote.  Nice work Steve!  Thanks a bunch for telling me about it!

Source: Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog : Matlab to OneNote - Thanks to Stephen Lawrence