.NetMap - Released - visualize your Networks (Social, etc) from Excel

 .NetMap an Excel plugin and dll is now available (Binaries and Source) on imageCodePlex – This brings the ability to visualize different types of networks – ie. Social networks (facebook, etc) and even things like Protein interaction network (see image).  What’s great is that you can do this directly from within Excel – which makes it easy to use for anyone.  The other neat piece of the add-in is that it will analyze your email (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc) and then you can use the NetMap chart to see who sends you a ton of email smile_regular.  You can also embed the class libraries in other apps to visualize your graphs…I’d like to hear about other possible Science applications of graph visualizations…and who will be the first to create a SilverLight app using the libraries.  

NetMap is a pair of applications for viewing network graphs, along with a set of .NET Framework 2.0 class libraries that can be used to add network graphs to custom applications.
A network graph is a series of vertices (sometimes called nodes) Graph12.jpgconnected by edges. See this Wikipedia article for an overview of network graphs.
.NetMap was created by Marc Smith's team at Microsoft Research.
Here is a sample network graph created by .NetMap. It shows an individual's network of friends within Facebook.com:

.NetMap - on CodePlex