Research in the Brazilian Rainforest

For the past year our small EEE team in Microsoft External Research has been working with some fabulous researchers in Brazil looking at the rainforest ecosystem.  The Brazilian Rainforest Sensor Network project—a joint effort of the University of São Paulo, Johns Hopkins University, the São Paulo Research Foundation, the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research, and MSR is looking at the carbon flux in the rainforest and how to capture and analyze the data.  You can see and hear more about the project in the video and blog post linked below.

Monitoring the Brazilian Rainforest with a Sensor Network  

The view from one of the research towers looking out into the Serra do Mar state park. From up here, a rich, diverse rainforest greets scientists as far as the eye can see. Yet only about eight percent of the original Atlantic rainforest survives today.Last week, at the Microsoft Research sixth annual Latin American Faculty Summit in Guaruja, Brazil, Rob Fatland, program manager with Microsoft Research, and Humberto da Rocha, professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the Universidade de São Paulo, led an intriguing presentation about their Atlantic Rainforest Micrometeorology Sensor Network Pilot Study. It’s a study that took place a mere 130 miles from where the Faculty Summit was held—a local project that could have broad environmental impact worldwide.

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