SciScope app and code available for download

sciscope-logoEarlier today the code behind the SciScope site was made available at  This enables others to make their datasets/repositories available and allow others to discover, download and utilize their data in a simple to use website.     Also the semantic support is quite useful in finding related data.

SciScope Project Description

SciScope (see it live) is a prototype web application that allows data discovery from across multiple distributed heterogeneous data repositories. It leverages Bing Maps (formerly Microsoft Virtual Earth) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to support queries involving spatial, temporal and thematic constraints over an index of sensors operated by agencies such as USGS, EPA and NOAA as well as user provided data. SciScope leverages taxonomies stored as triples in SQL Server to provide search suggestions and for dealing with semantic heterogeneity between different data repositories.

SciScope Web Application User Interface Screenshot
SciScope screenshots (discovering/downloading insecticide data, browsing ecoregions left to right) for video tutorials click here
This CodePlex release includes some desktop tools to simplify data publishing and content crawling for SciScope namely Catalog Publisher and Catalog Updater.

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