WEI Share: Share your Windows 7 Experience Index

imageHere’s a fun app - WEI Share -  to see how your Windows 7 machine stacks up to others, especially when you upload it to the Azure based website…see the post and video at Channel 10 

WEI Share ("We Share") is a Coding4Fun code sample that takes your Windows Experience Index score and shares it with the world (anonymously) to an Azure website with a Silverlight front end and lets you post your WEI score to Facebook for bragging rights.
Why would you want to share your WEI score with the world? First, this gives us a place to compare WEI scores across a wide range of hardware and even see how many touch points a multitouch computer may give you. Second, a computer's speed is dependent on the efficiency of the drivers. Sometimes WEI scores go up, sometimes they go down. This will allow you to judge the score that various versions of a driver may give you.
You can run WEI Share at www.WEIShare.net and download the source code at WEIShare.codeplex.com.

WEI Share: Share your Windows 7 Experience Index | Larry Larsen | Channel 10