[EN] Rogue-like games in SaaS model

I'm a geek and geek like me needs to code from time to time not only talk about coding, design, principles and stuff like that.
So I sacrificed some of my free time to check some idea.

Most of you should know what rogue-like games are. Ascii games like ADOM and clones. Not so hard to start playing with (I mean coding it). Usually hard to finish up (not technical issues but the size of project usually scares volunteers who have only initial passion and devotion to the project). However, most of people interested in playing these games also try to make one. As I wrote they usually fail so we have only a few title which are worth downloading.

So here we go with SaaS. Let's imagine game authoring tool which will help non-coders to make such games. Lets make a player engine for these games to allow people test their work and share with friends and community.
To make that community truly working I was thinking about portal/publishing site where authors could upload their titles and players could download them.
To honour the best players and authors I was thinking about puting online download statistics and rating system coming from comments to encourage people who develop to make best possible titles they are able to do.
Of course to merit most patient gamers I wished to put there hi-score per game and per all-games. Looks little bit like small XBOX-Live marketplace isn't it.

Summarizing it's nothing but SaaS-alike model not so hard to put into some open-source project on Codeplex to establish a platform for a join-community of players and gamers.

I've made some initial design and started even coding such a system. You can see updates later on on that site: (RAT - Rogue-like games Authoring Tool). Due to my limited free time I can spend on this project I can't promise fast updates but if you're interested in the idea and you'd like to get some guidance in SaaS model through this funny concept we could join forces on Codeplex now and utilize our time at best.

I'm waiting for your comments.