Back from New Zealand

I got back from TechEd New Zealand on Thursday and I'm still catching up on all my
emails, and blogging is always Pri 2 so I'm taking the time out to catch up on blogging
too.  The city of sails was great although with three sessions I didn't have
enough time to fully enjoy it.  I did get to meet and hang out with DataGrid
(who's on .NET
this week), Tim, Matty,
and of course Bix
Bix started things off at the speaker dinner by performing Louis Armstrong's "What
a Wonderful World" in only the way he
.  After that, I didn't have much time to play as I had to prepare for three
talks.  The attendee party was on the night before the last day of TechEd
and we all went and had a good time playing human
, racing toilets (I went undefeated), riding pigs, having Matty beat me
up in DOA and Tao Feng and much, much more.

I'll be posting answers to some of the questions I received during my talks and links
to resources that I mentioned as well.

Big thanks to Pip, Paul, and Auckland for great hospitality.  It's been a fun
ride, but now I have to unbury my email...