SQL Server Express - Pre-Built Database Designs and Publish To Hoster Wizard


SQL Server Express Starter Schemas

The SQL Server Express team got Barry Williams from http://databaseanswers.org to publish 10 pre-built schemas for common database designs to help ease the pain of working with databases and for users to understand what real-world database schemas look like. This helps in that rather than you having to recreate the wheel, you can take and modify these designs and use them as a good start place. Each design comes with create and drop scripts, a pre-built MDF database, and a corresponding ER diagram.



SQL Server Hosting Toolkit

The ASP.NET team has published a Database Publishing Wizard designed to easy the pain of getting a SQL Server Express database you created locally onto a web hoster like GoDaddy and others.


Scott Guthrie has a great tutorial that walks through step-by-step on how to publish your database.