7 demos in 7 minutes on Windows 7

If you're evaluating Windows 7 and need show off some of it's great new features to management, here is a short and sweet set of WOW factors you can demo in 7 minutes so you get the biggest impact in a short space of time:-

  1. Pin your apps to start menu, like Powerpoint, Word or even Virtual PC and see the recent history.
  2. Use multi preview from the task bar, demo IE for example and show you can get straight to the webpage you want without having to open IE and click the relevant tab.
  3. Show that if you have multiple windows open by 'shaking' one of them all the others will minimise/maximise.
  4. Move your gadgets anywhere in Windows 7.
  5. View your desktop by peeking through Windows.
  6. Right click on the task bar icon for IE for example and see your recent URL's.
  7. And then.......connect to an internal site and show you have been connected to the Corp network all the time without the need to VPN by using Direct AccessOpen-mouthed

you can even use shortcut keys to demo some of the above.

Written by Daniel Kenyon-Smith