TechNet: Recipient management, policies and permissions in Exchange 2007


Why not come along to my TechNet presentation ‘Recipient management, policies and permissions in Exchange 2007’ at our Microsoft offices in London


In this session we will discuss the recipient management model, which has changed since Exchange Server 2003. There are a number of things we will cover here, most notably, how Exchange Server 2007 handles resources. The other major are we will be discussing is changes to the administrative permission model. In Exchange 2007, you have the option to separate your Active Directory administration from your Exchange administration, and during the session, we’ll see how that’s achieved.

What we will cover:

Recipient Management Model Update

Administrative Permission Model Overview

Demonstrations in this Session:

Locating Recipients

Managing Recipients

Delegating Admin Roles

Session Prerequisites

IT administration experience with Microsoft? Exchange Server 2003, Exchange 2000 Server, or Exchange Server 5.5

Recommended Audience


Infrastructure Specialist

Written by Daniel Kenyon-smith