Daylight Savings in Australia

My first project at Microsoft (way back in 1998), led by the (in)famous Mike “Fang” Seyfang, was to work out why all the ministers in the state government were turning up one hour late to meetings (especially embarrassing for the Minister of Punctuality). Turned out that little old Adelaide (which also is famous for having pretty much it’s own time zone, just half an hour different from the next) had decided to change is DST start date without telling Microsoft. The result was that all the states Windows machines were transitioning on the wrong day, the logical flow on effect being that all of Outlooks calendar items were out by an hour.

Anyway, the interesting thing is that….


Another old mate, Cameron Reilly (of The Podcast Network, check it out!) is complaining
And it even made the news on Boing Boing!

Anyway, sounds like its time to dust off that old whitepaper! Alternatively check out Mr Dean Rosenhains (when are you getting a blog Dean?) little utility here: <grin>

Ahhhh the memories….