I've Moved!

I've never felt particularly comfortable blogging about SharePoint on a platform other than SharePoint, but I've just never been in a position to put all the pieces together. Well, now I think I have.

I'm running MOSS here at home, I've fired up MOSS 2007, and I've created the new Point2Share. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that my server can hold up, lets face it besides my mother I only have a handful of you readers!

So lets see how we go, I will be considering the first month or so "Beta" and cross posting.

My new blog is here: http://www.point2share.com/blog

My new RSS feed is here: http://www.point2share.com/Blog/_layouts/listfeed.aspx?List={077BF88E-F810-4F7F-A493-DA440E78DF3C}

Anyway folks, look forward to seeing you over there!