Pint2Share Amsterdam Report

Well, just back from a great Pint2Share (actually it was more like Pints2Share). The picture below captures the evening very nicely:


From left we see Margriet Bruggeman, Nikander Bruggeman, Me (Daniel McPherson) and Andre Kieft (Microsoft Support, soon to have a blog!).

Margriet and Nikander recommended a great pub called “Kale de Grote” in Heinekenplein (nothing made me happier than knowing we were meeting somewhere with Heineken in its name) and it was there that we tackled the big issues in the world of SharePoint.

We faced down profound questions like:

1. Exactly what is it that you like about SharePoint?
The fact that you can make a truly hilarious beer pun based on the name.

2. How does SharePoint plan to take advantage of “Software Factories”
Ok, Margriet and Nikander, I think you have now established that your brain is bigger than mine.

3. Is Amstel better than Heineken?
Not sure, I will need another round of both just to be sure.

So, thanks again Margreit and Nikander, really appreciated the catchup! (or is that Ketchup, apparently Heinz is Dutch!)

P.S. In quick response to those who commented on my previous Pint2Share post:
Robbie, Pint2Share coming to London very soon, stay tuned for a big announcement
Anita Gnzls, I stopped drinking at 9:45pm, and Andre has a parking ticket to prove it! <grin>