SharePoint and RSS

John Durant, who has an excellent and widely read blog, posted about SharePoint and RSS today after a friend asked him if he knew of any web parts.

I did a post back here about SharePoint and RSS, but suspect it’s out of date  (hmmm…this is where Wiki’s work right?), so below is my update. Apologies, I know I have missed some out, but this is where you can help, if you have a web part, or anything else SharePoint and RSS related, let me AND John know about it.

Help him help his friend.

Ians RSS Links – **

SharePoint and RSS Feed Generators
1. Maurice Prathers Web Part:
2. Addy Santos BlogWave:
3. George Tsiokos DataView and XSLT:
4. U2U RSS Feed for Microsoft SharePoint:
5. DevHawk SharePoint Syndication:
6. Daniel Larsons GotDotNet Sample:

SharePoint RSS Consumers
1. Tim Heuers RssFeedReader –
2. George Tsiokos – SharePoint RSS/ATOM reader: **

** Updated through comments.