SharePoint On Scobleizer (Microsoft Geek Blogger) and the Book Title Brainstorm!

The word is now officially out:

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger

Of course this is nothing new over here in the SharePoint world <yawn>. Catch up Scoble, this thing is going to be bigger than Blogging! <grin>

It makes sense of course that books make for a great indicator of software sales, hadn't really thought about it much before. With that said, from the feedback I'm getting, I suspect there is still plenty of room for more titles.  

So, in an effort to encourage possible authors out there, tell me (via Comments), if you could instantly have in front of you right now, any book you like on SharePoint, what would the title be?

"7 Habits of Highly Effective Web Part Developers" - For enthusiastic developers
"Becoming a SharePoint Stunt Pilot" - For adventurous FrontPagers
"Oh, what's the SharePoint" - For the pessimistic support professional
"Tips and other SharePointers" - For everyone! Great stocking filler!
"The Da SharePoint Code" - Hardcore Developers, the type who talk in For...While loops.
"The curious incident of the Web Part consuming the Web Service" - For imaginative Integrators
"Finding Demo" - Hands on guide for Knowledge Management professionals

I happen to have a spare copy of Halo 2 lying around, if you make me laugh really hard, it might just find it's way to you....(completely at my discretion. Hey it's MY blog!)