NPR in Windows Phone

I just realized that forgot to use “NPR” as keyword for my “Tiny Radio” app; so here is this blog entry Winking smile

My first Windows Phone 7 app is “Tiny Radio” and what it does is to simply tune the closest NPR (National Public Radio) station based on your geographical location. All Windows Phone devices have a built-in FM Radio, to use it, you need to plug your headphones as antenna.

I didn’t want to named “Tiny Radio” as “NPR Finder” or “Public Radio” because I saw those names were used somewhere else, so I decided to use the Tiny word because the app contains all NPR stations in the app itself, that is, it doesn’t require an Internet connection for listening NPR, it detects your location and quickly displays the available stations and the name gives me room if I want to extend it in the future.

To install it, search for “Tiny Radio” in the Marketplace hub in your phone (remember to use the physical Search button). It is free for Windows Phone users.

If you have Zune software, you can click the link

It is handy if you are a fan and travel; or just if you want to listen NPR with one single tap.