Azure Solution Developers: Win $10K - but you need to act FAST!

We're coming to the end of our State & Local Government Azure solution contest - with prized of $2.5k, $5k, and $10k for third, second, and first place, respectively.

Note: THE LAST DAY YOU CAN SUBMIT A SOLUTION IS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5th... and this won't be extended.  Net net: get your submissions in ASAP.

Pretty simple rules:

  • Application must be coded and deployed on Windows Azure.
  • Application must take advantage of at least two of the following features of the Azure platform: Azure Web Role, Azure Worker Role, Azure Storage Service, SQL Azure database.
  • Application must be commercially viable meaning that it should address a real customer or market need.
  • Application must be accompanied by a marketing summary of the solution (minimum of 75 words, not to exceed 500 words).
  • Please read the complete contest rules.

I know there are some excellent solutions out there - could be a great way to get some huge visibility... and a nice chunk of change. 

For more information and to submit your solution - go here:

 Good luck!