March Madness – for the Imagine Cup!!

The People’s Choice Awards for Imagine Cup 2011 have formally kicked off – and I urge everyone and anyone to head to the site to check out the AMAZING finalists.

Here’s the link: 

Looking at the projects and teams (several of whom I’ve gotten to meet personally from previous Imagine Cup competitions), I can’t help but be humbled at the quality of the solutions and the *BIG THINKING* that went into their entries.  Seeing this level of innovation coming from students today, once can’t help but be optimistic for the future of our country.

Take a look – and please go ahead and vote for your favorite… you can vote once per day per team, so make sure to come back often. 

Also – please help get the word out – these teams deserve our support – and it will benefit all of us to highlight these students… so much attention and media is given to student athletics – it’s about time we started celebrating academic achievement. 

After all – it’s student innovation and entrepreneurship that’s going to leads us into a better economy and a better future.  This is what really matters most.

Good luck to all of the finalists!